Danny Colondona (ES)

Adina Beedenbender

Colleen Cooney (HQ)

Frank Rendon (ES)

Jay LaRossa (5 Pct)

George Politis (AO)

Christine Miller (4 Pct ret)

Russ Youmans (MB)

Charlie Ebert (4 Pct)

Brittney Kuhnle (7 Pct)


The mission of the GOOD Foundation is to help the families of members of the Police Department after a member's passing - this includes both non-line of duty deaths and line of duty deaths. This foundation has been able to help over two dozen families, not only from the Suffolk County Police Department but from Nassau County and the NYPD as well. They aim to serve any Suffolk County family who has lost a parent of the law enforcement service. They take the children to numerous activities a year, sponsor several events for these families to spend time with other families who know the same loss they have experienced, provide a scholarship each year, help out with home repairs, and provide general support to the surviving spouse and children. 

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